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No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive. - Mahatma Gandhi



“Calendar Sandwich”

Keep calm and get organized!

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There is hope each day. Be grateful. Smile and know that you are worthy to be loved.

Beach Life

Life is like a highway, you can either stay in the fast lane or the slow lane, the choice is yours. But whatever choice you make, remember that there is a shoulder lane to help you get back on track. - dreamerdenise

New Year, 2017!

Keep Dreaming. It's a new year, it's time to refresh, to create new adventures, and to keep loving yourself!

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Merry Christmas everyone! Well, I just got nominated! I was very busy the past week! As you know, it's Christmas time! Anyway, I will be writing about a short trip I had just this week. See you there! This is... Continue Reading →


SNS Life

My adventures so far…

Make things happen by taking the first step, outside your house, literally.

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